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Adopting a monkey with Wild Futures really is a gift with a difference. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or another, you will be supporting the work of our charity and enabling us to protect primates and their habitats worldwide. The monkeys featured in the adoption scheme reside at projects run by Wild Futures. Each monkey is unique with their own characters and personalities so please do check out their monkey pictures and profiles. As a Monkey adopter you will receive:

  • A cuddly monkey toy (optional)
  • Personalised certificate of your adoption
  • Photo of your adopted monkey
  • Your monkey’s story
  • Species factsheet
  • Wild Futures newsletters throughout the year
  • Discounted entry fee to our Monkey Sanctuary

About Boo Boo

Name: Boo Boo

Species: Black-capped Capuchin (Sapajus apella)

Who is she?: The Feisty Yet Fun One!

Special skills: Running very fast!

Boo Boo was living as a pet at the bottom of a family's garden until she was rescued by The Monkey Sanctuary. Her owners had contacted the Sanctuary when she began displaying worrying signs of stereotypical behaviour from being under-stimulated and living alone. Boo Boo had initially been bought by the family from a breeder in the UK who sold her to them as a male capuchin. The family had no idea that she is female until the Sanctuary's vets informed them when she was rescued many years later.

After purchasing her as a pet, the family began to be harassed by the breeder who demanded more money than they had originally paid, and then started to demand they return her. Although puzzled and disturbed by this, the family tried their hardest to ignore this harassment, changing their phone numbers and taking other safety precautions. In the pet trade, female monkeys are worth much more than males because they are used for breeding purposes. Monkeys born into the pet tradeare usuallytaken away from their mothers well before natural weaning, which has a huge effect on both the physical and psychological welfare of both mother and baby. Boo Boo was sold as a male, probably on accident of the breeder who, upon realising his mistake, tried to intimidate the family into paying more money or returning her.Thankfully, she was rescued by Wild Futuresand now lives at the Sanctuary surrounded by others of her kind. Shesettled in well at The Monkey Sanctuary upon her arrival, and has made many great friends.

Always on the move, Boo Boo is a very active and playful monkey, making her theideal companion for more nervous characters. Her confidence and gentle nature can win over even the most anxious of monkeys!

Primates are intelligent and sociable animals and being kept as pets is a lonely, under-stimulating existence that can lead to abnormal behaviours. These behaviours may remain with the monkeys for the rest of their lives, but with enough environmental stimulation, social company, and lots of territory space with access to branches and trees, we can help these monkeys recover and offer them a stable, stimulating, and social life at the Sanctuary.

Adopting Boo Boo means that you are helping to provide the resources needed to give her the best life possible. Your adoption also enables Wild Futures to continue its vital work campaigning for an end to the primate pet trade in the UK and abroad.


Our adoptions are purely symbolic, which means you will not receive any real animals in the post! Monkeys are wild animals – not domesticated pets.

The need for rescue and rehabilitation of primates from private ownership:

  • There are at least 5,000 privately owned primates in the UK
  • All monkeys are wild animals and inherently unsuitable for keeping in domestic situations.
  • UK law allows for the legal keeping of primates as pets, despite lack of recognised care standards and insufficient enforcement of licensing laws, leading to many pet primates being kept in inadequate conditions.
  • Lack of adequate species knowledge, diet, veterinary care, social opportunity and space leads to mental, physical and emotional suffering for pet primates.

How our sanctuary meets their needs:

  • We guarantee a home for life for all rescued monkeys.
  • We give individuals the opportunity to socialise and form natural bonds with other monkeys.
  • We provide an expert team of carers with the relevant skills to meet the complex physical, social and emotional needs of each individual.
  • We have a high carer-to-monkey ratio which ensures that all needs are met, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our charity receives no government funding, so financial support is vital to allow us to continue our important work.

By purchasing a symbolic monkey adoption, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

    Adopt Boo Boo - Wild Futures (2024)
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