107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (2024)

Japanese culture is one of the world's most beautiful and vivid, so it's no surprise to see many parents around the world look to Japanese boy names.

In fact, given Japanese names are so far removed from Western culture, they certainly fall under the category of unique baby names for parents in countries like the UK and US.

Many Japanese boy names carry powerful meanings or beautiful connections that see them labelled as nature names.

Over the course of this article, we reveal some of the most popular Japanese boy names, traditional Japanese boy names, and some of the most unique Japanese boy names. And, we explain some of the cultures and traditions behind Japanese names.

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107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (1)

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Japanese culture behind baby names

Japanese heritage sees the family name come before the given name. For example, my name would be Davies Jonathan. Before the Meji Restoriation in the mid-late 1800s, it was typical for Japanese commoners to use their birthplace as their surname. And there were times where merchants would use the name of their shops or business. For example, Mark Zuckerberg would've been known as Facebook Mark.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (2)

As part of the country's modernisation as the 20th century approached, all Japanese people were ordered to adopt surnames. Some people asked a priest to choose their names for them, some chose historical names, and some just made them up, which is why there is such a huge variety of surnames across Japan.

Japanese names are often written in kanji characters, Chinese characters with Japanese pronunciation. However, hiragana or katakana are also used.

Here's Name Explain with, well, an explainer on how Japanese names

Throughout history, it was common for parents to use numerical Japanese boy names. Because they would often have a lot of children, rather than give them unique names, boys would be numbered with the suffix 'rō', meaning son. Their first son would be called 'Ichirō', the second son called 'Jirō', and so on. Girls were typically given the suffix 'ko', meaning 'child'.

While many of these practices are far less common in Japanese society, they are still used.

Japanese Christians also tend to give their children Christian names in addition to their Japanese names using katakana, a set of Japanese characters used to write words from foreign languages. They usually use the Portuguese or Latin forms of Christian names, rather than English versions. So, Yakobu is used instead of Jacob and Petero is used instead of Peter.

Popular Japanese boy names

These are some of the most common Japanese boy names, both in Japan, but also some that are appearing more and more internationally.

*A quick note, we've decided not to include the kanji characters for the names on this list because many of the names can be written in kanji, hiragana or katakana.

**Another quick note, because many Japanese names are written in kanji, hiragana and katakana, they often carry meany different meanings. So, we're going to present the most common.

1. Aoi

Pronounced 'A-oh-ee', this is a really popular gender-neutral name. Interestingly, they're usually taken with different meanings - the girl's version means 'hollyhock', a tall vibrant flower. And the boy name means 'green/blue'.

2. Aoto

Pronounced 'A-oh-to', and like many Japanese names, this one has several meanings including 'blue-green', 'jade green', 'peace', 'to be present', and 'fly', 'jump' or 'leap'.

However, the most common meaning is 'blue constellation', with the 'to' referring to the word 'constellation' in Chinese.

3. Haruki

Haruki is a Japanese boy name with strong natural connections, the most common interpretations are 'spring', 'tree' or 'clear', taken to mean 'clear skies'.

4. Haruto

Haruto is a cute name that is popular in Japan. 'Haru' typically means 'sun' or 'clear weather', and the 'to' usually refers to 'fly', 'jump' or 'leap, rather than the Chinese constellation, in this instance.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (3)

5. Hinata

Hinata is a lovely name with several meanings connecting it to the sun, including 'sunny place', 'sunflower', and 'towards the sun'.

6. Kenzo

Kenzo is the most popular Japanese boy name in the US, particularly among Japanese-American families. The kanji 'Ken' has several meanings, the most common of which are 'strong' and 'healthy'.

Other interpretations include 'wise', 'humble', 'sharp', and 'sturdy'. Meanwhile, 'zo' means 'three', so it often given to a third son in Japan.

7. Kenji

Along with Kenzo, Kenji is the only Japanese name to appear in the top 1,000 names for boys in the US. Of course, is carries similar meanings to Kenzo given the kanji character 'Ken'. However, 'ji' means 'two', so it is commonly given to a second son.

8. Riku

The most common meaning behind Riku is 'great land'.

9. Sota

The Japanese name Sota comes from 'So', meaning 'sound of the wind', and 'ta' meaning 'big' or 'great'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (4)

10. Yūto

Yuto uses the 'to soar or fly' interpretation of 'to', and combines it with 'yu', which means 'excellence' or 'superiority'. That's a super cool meaning.

11. Shuto

Shuto is a popular choice for a baby boy born in winter. It means both 'holly' and 'winter', creating images of a beautiful, crisp, snow-filled scene.

12. Yuma

Yuma is another favoured choice in Japan. It means 'truthful' and 'honest'.

Traditional Japanese male names

On to some of the more traditional Japanese boy names around. Some of these may seem a little old fashioned, but they've stood the test of time and are still fairly common for Japanese baby boys today.

13. Akihiko

Akihiko is a traditional name for a baby boy meaning 'bright prince'.

14. Akira

Akira is generally thought of as a strong Japanese name that means 'bright' or 'clear'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (5)

15. Arata

Arata has a particularly cute meaning for a new baby boy. It simply means 'fresh' or 'new', which makes it the perfect choice for a new arrival.

16. Genji

Genji means 'heal' or 'peace', making it a lovely name.

17. Hikaru

Hikaru is fairly unisex name meaning 'brightness' or 'light'.

18. Iori

Iori is a fairly unique name that has lost its popularity over the years. Different kanji combinations provide multiple different meanings, but the most common is 'heritage'.

19. Ken

As we already know, Ken usually means 'strong' or 'healthy'. Over time, it has lost much of its popularity as parents prefer longer versions such as Kenzo and Kenji.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (6)

20. Makato

Makato is an old Japanese name meaning 'good' or 'sincerity', making it a great choice if you want to inspire your son to be a kind and honest person.

21. Minato

Minato means 'harbour'. It's one of those Japanese boy names that has come in and out of fashion quite regularly throughout history.

22. Ran

A name that also has German origins - meaning 'wolf shield' - it has a more delicate meaning for a baby boy in Japanese...'orchid'.

23. Rei

Rei is a beautiful name for a baby boy or a baby girl. No, literally. It means 'beautiful'.

24. Satoshi

Satoshi is a wonderful Japanese name with connections to 'great wisdom', 'intelligence' and 'knowledge'. It also has connections to 'snake' or 'serpent'. Therefore combining the two, it has been interpreted as 'big snake'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (7)

25. Shin

Shin is a fascinating name for a little boy, it means 'real' or 'genuine', promoting a life of honesty.

26. Takashi

Takashi is a very traditional Japanese name meaning 'prosperous'. It can also mean 'boastful', but that's perhaps a little less attractive in a name.

27. Takeshi

I know what you're thinking. Takeshi's Castle. But it's an apt name for the show - it means 'warrior' or 'military'. So it's certainly a name that will command respect.

28. Wataru

Wataru is among the older names for boys and means 'navigate' or 'to cross over'. This could be a choice for your baby boy if you and your partner love to travel.

29. Yamato

Yamato is one of the ancient Japanese boy names and means 'great harmony'. A perfect name to inspire a life of happiness and peace.

Cute Japanese boy names

There's no other word to describe these Japanese baby names other than 'cute'. It could the meaning behind it that makes it cute, or just how it sounds. Let's dive in!

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (8)

30. Asahi

This name might be better known for the Japanese beer brand these days, but it's a wonderful name meaning 'sunlight' or 'morning sun'.

31. Akemi

Akemi is a popular gender neutral Japanese baby name. Ake means 'bright', while mi means 'beautiful'. Other interpretations of the name have it as 'natural beauty'.

32. Akio

Like Ake, aki is usually taken to mean 'bright' or 'lumious'. The o on the end could result in it meaning 'man' or 'hero'.

33. Asuka

Asuka is a name associated with the sky. While asu can mean 'fragrance', it also means 'to fly', and with ka meaning 'bird', we're siding with the sky connotations.

34. Atsuki

Atsuki is a name for a baby boy with plenty of meanings. The cutest, however, is one of 'warmth' and 'hope'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (9)

35. Ayumu

If you want to inspire your baby boy to follow his dreams, Ayumu might be the name for you. It has meanings such as 'dream', 'vision', 'walk' and 'step'.

36. Daigo

Daigo has lovely connotations, including 'big' or 'great', and 'enlightenment'.

37. Isao

The name Isao carries some really incredibly traits that any parent would want their child to have; 'honour', 'merit' and 'virtue'.

38. Itsuki

Itsuki is a lovely natural name meaning 'tree', with understandable links to 'to plant' and 'to stand firmly'.

39. Hiro

Pronounced just like 'hero', it's already a strong-sounding name. In Japanese, Hiro is a name meaning 'generous' and 'prosperity' (and an abundance of it!).

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (10)

40. Jun

Pronounced 'Joon', the name Jun is known for 'purity' and 'cleanliness'.

41. Kōki

There are plenty of Japanese baby names that have meanings such as 'bright', 'hope', 'light' or 'happiness'. And Koki is one of them.

42. Kyō

Kyō has a brilliantly unique meaning behind... 'unite' or 'cooperate'.

43. Kaoru

Kaoru could be used as a flower name for a boy, given that it means 'fragrant'.

44. Kazuo

If you want you baby boy to lead a peaceful life, call him Kazuo, which takes its meaning from the Japanese girl name Kazu. Kazu means 'harmony' and 'peace'. Add the o on the end and it means 'peaceful man',

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (11)

45. Michi

Although considered to be gender neutral, Michi is more commonly used for a baby boy. It has quite a unique meaning behind it; 'path'.

So, it's great choice if you're thinking about the paths our lives lead us on.

46. Naō

Pronounded 'Nah-o', Nao is one of those names that perhaps sound cuter than its meaning... 'straight' or 'direct'.

47. Osuke

Osuke has two equally desirable meanings. The most common is 'cherry blossom', but it also means 'to help'.

48. Ren

Ren is a name becoming more and more popular in Western cultures, especially in the US. It means 'lotus' or 'love.

49. Shō

Shō has several different interpretations, but each of them are as lovely as the next. 'Prize', 'reward', 'glide', and 'soar' are among the most common.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (12)

50. Sora

Sora simply means 'sky' - ideal if you want your little boy to spread his wings and live a good life.

51. Touma

Touma is a really interesting name. Not only does it sound quite cute, it has connections with words such as 'truth' and 'reality.

52. Toya

Toya is a name that carries both delicate and strong meanings for a baby boy.

The to means 'wisteria', giving obvious floral connections, while the ya means 'arrow' which conjures links with 'warrior'.

53. Yori

Yori is a unique and adorable sounding name that means 'to rely upon', a trait any parent would want for their son.

54. Yoshi

The ship may have sailed for this name. I doubt there's a single person reading this that hasn't already thought of Super Mario's green dinosaur sidekick.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (13)

55. Yuki

A name plenty of motorsport fans will recognise, thanks for Formula 1 driver Yuki Tsunoda, Yuki means 'happiness' and 'good fortune'. Yuki is one of the short names that will often be added to the end of another.

56. Yuta

Yuta definitely sounds cuter than it's meaning. It may sound small and sweet, but name means 'superiority' and 'bravery'.

Unique Japanese names for boys

These Japanese boy names might be unique because they're used less frequently, or it might be their meanings that make them unique.

57. Azuma

Azuma comes from the ancient Japanese word for 'east', however, the kanji character can also be translated to 'my wife'.

58. Banri

Banri is a name with a truly unique meaning behind it. It means 'thousands of miles'.

59. Enji

Enji is quite a cute sounding name that is most commonly associated with the edge or border of something, particularly a piece of clothing. Other interpretations include 'bond' or 'connection, as well as 'ambition' and 'aspiration'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (14)

60. f*ckashi

f*ckashi is the for your son if you want him to lead an intellectual life. It means 'deep' or 'profound'.

61. Hanzo

Hanzo means 'to half' and 'to hide'. While unique, it's a famous name thanks to a notorious samurai who lived in the late 1500s. Hattori Hanzō was known as a master swordsman and tactician, and is credited with saving the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu, who would go on to become the ruler of a united Japan.

62. Haru

Haru is often used in combination with other kanji - Haruki, Haruto, and Yoshiharu all feature on this list. It's most frequent interpretations include 'light sun', 'spring' and 'clear weather'.

63. Hayate

Hayate has a couple of similar meanings, including the 'sudden sound of wind' and 'hurricane'. It's also the name of a Japanese train operator, so it is translated to 'train' in some parts.

64. Isamu

Staking a claim for a place on our list of heroic baby names, Isamu simply means 'brave'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (15)

65. Jun'ichi

It's the addition of ichi that makes this name unique. It means 'one', and any name ending 'ichi translates to '[meaning]-one'. As we saw earlier, Jun is associated with purity. So, Jun'ichi means 'pure one'.

66. Kaito

Kaito could be labelled an ocean name or a sky name. The more literal interpretation is 'sea' or 'ocean', but it also has strong connections with the terms 'soar' and 'to fly'.

67. Ken'ichi

As we've already learned, Ken typically means 'strong' or 'healthy'. Ken'ichi, therefore, means 'strong one' or 'healthy one'.

68. Katashi

Katashi is a strong-sounding and strong-meaning name, translating to 'hard' or 'firm'.

69. Kazuki

Commonly associated with 'brightness' and 'peace', many believe Kazuki to mean 'hope of peace'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (16)

70. Kei

Pronounced 'Kay', this name is unique because it has so many varying meanings. It's has been interpreted as 'intelligent', 'to congratulate', 'respect', 'joyous', 'blessed', and 'gemstone'.

71. Kentaro

As we know, Ken means 'strong', 'sharp' or 'healthy', while the aro leads many to translate Kentaro to 'big boy'.

72. Kōji

Ko often means 'prosperous' and 'luck', while ji can mean 'boss'.

73. Kōsuke

It may be better known as a girl name, Kōsuke is becoming increasingly popular among boys. And with a meaning like 'The Rising Sun', who can blame the parents!?

74. Masao

Among other interpretations of the name Masao, 'proper hero' is by far our favourite. Not just any old hero. A proper hero.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (17)

75. Minoru

Minoru has a few different meanings, but they're broadly similar - 'rich', 'bountiful', 'to bear fruit'. So you can expect your son to have a wealthy life.

76. Naomi

Probably the best known name on this list, Naomi is, of course, a very well known girls name in the Western world. However, it's fairly well-used as a boys name in Japan. Nao means 'straight' or 'direct', while mi means 'self' when used for boys.

77. Naoki

Following on from Naomi is Naoki, which means 'straight' or 'direct', and 'tree'.

78. Nobu

Probably better know for the restaurant chain famed for its special menus and unique dining experience, Nobu is a lovely name meaning 'trust'.

79. Nori

If you haven't already got children, you won't have immediately pictured Nori from Hey Duggee! (don't worry, your time will come). Nori can mean 'seaweed', 'law' or 'rule.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (18)

80. Osamu

Osamu is usually taken to mean either 'discipline' or 'study'.

81. Ryū

I bet you were wondering when this was going to come up...! Ryū is, of course, arguably the most famous Street Fighter characters - it's most common translation is 'dragon', but it's also associated with nobility and prosperity.

82. Ryūji

Unsurprisingly, Ryūji has a very similar meaning to Ryū. But there is a distinction in that it can mean 'double dragon'. Why call your son dragon, when you could call him double dragon?!

83. Ryō

Ryō is a really cool name. No, really. It means 'cool' or 'refreshing'.

84. Ryōsuke

Ryōsuke is one of the more unusual names on this list, because it can be pronounced in two different names. It can be 'ryo-soo-keh' or 'ryo-skeh'. It means 'clear', 'help' or 'assist'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (19)

85. Taiki

Taiki is a lovely name associated with 'radiance' and large size - combined it can mean 'great radiance'.

86. Taro

Some might say there is no better name for a son. It means 'great son'.

87. Yasu

Yasu is arguably the definitive name inspiring 'calm' and 'peace'. Like Yuki, it's a name often added to the end of others.

88. Zenji

Any Japanese name containing 'zen' will always carry connotations of 'goodness' and 'tranquility'.

Long Japanese names for a baby boy

Japanese names are usually either very short (a single kanji character) or quite long (combining different kanji characters).

Here, we've picked out some of our favourite long Japanese boy names.

89. Hideyoshi

Hideyoshi combines two names together - Hide, meaning 'excellent' or 'outstanding', and Yoshi, meaning 'virtuous' or 'luck'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (20)

90. Hirohito

The combination of the names Hiro and Hito, this name means 'abundant' and 'compassionate'.

91. Kazayuki

Kazayuki combines the names Kaza, meaning 'harmony' or 'peace', with Yuki, which means 'happiness' and 'luck.

Many parents believe names with meaning like this will bring their child good fortune.

92. Nobotushi

Nobotushi is made up of the names Nobo and Tushi. Nobo means 'trust', while Tushi has connections to sharpness and intelligence.

93. Shinsuke

Shinsuke means 'to help' or 'assist'.

Our audience in the US might think of the professional wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura, who joined the WWE in 2016.

Football fans, particularly British football fans, may well think of a different Shinsuke Nakamura - the midfielder who played for Celtic between 2005 and 2009. Ironically, he was known as both a free-kick and assist specialist.

94. Takahiro

Takahiro is a wonderful choice if you want to highlight what a great gift you baby boy is. It is thought to mean 'valuable', 'great' or 'prosperous'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (21)

95. Fuyatake

Fuyutake is a great name for boys born in winter, because it Fuyu means (you guessed it) 'winter'. Take means 'bamboo', making it a similarly good choice as a nature-inspired name!

96. Yoshiharu

If Fuyutake is good for a baby boy born in winter, Yoshiharu is perfect for a baby boy born in spring. It's associated with 'spring' and 'goodness'.

97. Yukinari

Another great choice for boys born in winter, Yukinari means either 'snow' or 'become'.

Numerical Japanese boy names

As we explained earlier, throughout history it was much more common for Japanese families to be very large. As a result, children were given numerical names. Boys were named [number]rō meaning 'son'.

These names are still used for a baby boy today for the same reason, however, over time some have accumulated their own meanings.

98. Ichiro

Ichiro was the name given to the first son. Being the eldest, Ichiro represents 'responsibility' and 'honour'.

99. Jiro

Jiro is one of the more popular numerical names still used today. As you've probably guessed, it means 'second son'.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (22)

100. Saburo

Saburo is the name of the third son, and has connections to 'bright'.

101. Shiro

Shiro means 'fourth son'.

102. Goro

If you had a fifth baby boy, you would call him Goro, of course meaning 'fifth son'. However, Goro also has an association with 'determination' and 'resilience'.

103. Rokuro

“Sixth Son.” Represents the sixth son in a family, carrying a sense of individuality and distinction within the family.

104. Shichiro

Seven is a very important number in Japanese and Buddhist culture. So a seventh son is thought to be very special, indeed.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (23)

105. Hachiro

Hachiro means 'eighth son'.

106. Kuro

Kuro is the name given to the ninth son, which has common associations with 'individuality'.

107. Juro

If you happen to have 10 boys, you would give the tenth son the name Juro. Unsurprisingly, Juro is also linked to 'longevity'


Why is the number seven important in Japan?

The Japanese people consider the number seven to be lucky because of its important in Japanese and Buddhist cultures. Japanese Buddhists celebrate the birth of a child on its seventh day, and mourn the seventh day after a person passes away.

According to Japanese folklore, there are Seven Gods of Luck. And a summertime festival, called Tanabata, takes place each year on 7th July.

Now you know why there are 107 names on this list!

What is the most popular Japanese boy name?

It depends how you look at the question. According to official figures from 2022, the most popular baby boy names were 蒼 (Aoi, Sō, or Ao) and 凪 (Nagi or Nagisa).

If you're looking at names that are popular outside of Japan, Ren is rapidly becoming a popular choice across much of Europe and the US. Meanwhile, both Kenzo and Kenji feature inside top 1,000 US baby names for boys.

Which Japanese boy name means happiness?

There are actually several Japanese boy names that mean happiness. Yamato, Koki, feature on this list, but perhaps the most famous is Yuki.

107 of the Very Best Japanese Boy Names (2024)


What Japanese boy name means true? ›

Masa is a unisex Japanese baby name meaning 'true. '

What Japanese name means first son? ›

Ichiro (イチロー) This Japanese name means “first son.”

What is a Japanese lucky name? ›

Keiko. Keiko is a playful-sounding name with auspicious meaning for any baby: It means "lucky child," "happy child," or "adored one." A super-popular name in Japan over the years, the element ko means "child," and happens to be a common ending for female names.

What Japanese boy name means lucky? ›

Keitaro: A handsome Japanese baby name translating to “blessed.” Parvaiz: The rare Persian name for boys means “lucky, happy.” Tadashi: Another gorgeous pick from Japan, this one translates to not only “lucky,” but also “devotion” and “true.”

What Japanese boy name means warrior? ›

Take a step back to your roots with the fierce title of Takeshi. Originating in Japan, this boy's name holds the meaning "military" and "warrior." Taking strength from their name, baby will exude confidence and courage, channeling the chivalry and nobility of ancient warriors.

What Japanese name means God? ›

We say “kami” as a word for “god” in Japanese.

What Japanese name means intelligent? ›

Kei. Pronounced KEH, this pretty Japanese girl's name can mean “intelligent” or “gemstone.”

What Japanese name means big boy? ›

Meaning:Big boy, eldest son; Strong; Heroic; Abundance. Give baby a name that will perfectly match their big personality! Taro is a beautiful boy's name of Japanese origin. Meaning “big boy” or “eldest son,” this option would be an apt choice if baby is the first child to be welcomed into your family.

What's the most popular Japanese name? ›

The rankings for the most popular baby names of 2023 are in, with kanji that can be read as Aoi or Ao (碧) in first place for boys, and characters reading as Himari, Haruki, Hinata, Hina or Hiyori (陽葵) the top pick for girls.

What is the top Japanese first name? ›

The top name for girls was 陽葵 (Himari, Hinata, or Hina), which calls to mind cheerful associations with the sun and sunflowers (向日葵; himawari). Two names shared the number one position for boys: 蒼 (Aoi, Sō, or Ao) and 凪 (Nagi or Nagisa), the latter rising from forty-fifth to top the ranking for the first time ever.

What Japanese name means loyal? ›

忠 means “loyal”. 光 means “light”. So, “Tadamitsu”(忠光) is an option for “loyal to light”.

What is the prettiest Japanese name? ›

  • Itsuki | 一喜 ...
  • Sora | 天 ...
  • Hana | 初夏 ...
  • Kaito | 海人 ...
  • Sayo | 沙世 ...
  • Takashi | 隆 Takashi is a masculine name that has been around for a long time. ...
  • Chiha | 千羽 Chiha is a name for girls. ...
  • Sakura | 桜 Like the pink and white blossoms that are its namesake, Sakura is a beautiful Japanese female given name.
Oct 10, 2023

What is the Japanese boy name hero? ›

Akio: It's a bold Japanese name for boys meaning “bright man,” “bold,” or “hero;” a gorgeous pick for a new baby son.

What is the best name for a anime boy? ›

60 Anime names for boys
  • Akatsuki: Red moon. ...
  • Arata: Fresh or new, from the series known as Arata: The Legend.
  • Ash: An English name drawn from the ash tree. ...
  • Astro: Greek for a boy of the stars, from the Japanese TV series Astroboy.
  • Alphonse: Derived from German origin, it means ready for battle. ...
  • Aoiro: The colour blue.
Aug 16, 2022

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